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What about…

… school is not the only place we could learn

What if a source of learning could be everywhere. What if a source of knowledge could come from everyone. I believe that all of us could bring something, from our own experiences, to someone else.

Whoever we are

Another way to travel

How to discover countries, people and cultures in an immersive way


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Explore with me Slovakia

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Little things that will maybe help you for one of your trips

Preface 😛

These last few years, I wanted to travel around and tried to be out of my comfort zone. Yeah I know the comfort zone is so nice, so sweet, so reassuring,… Well… Every traveler will say that if you start to travel you can not stop, because you’ll become addicted to it. Travelling is a kind of freedom. You could never expect a better teacher. 

Just keep in mind that everyone is different. If you would like to push yourself out of your comfort zone, feel free to do it step by step. The most important is to see yourself growing and to be proud of every little improvement.

In my case, at the end of my studies, I decided to test myself in unknown situations. My first step was to go abroad alone. As well, I wanted to be part of a volunteering project. It was something I always wanted to do, and for some reasons I never made it. So, I searched on the internet and found a two weeks project about the environment. That’s how I discovered Solidarites Jeunesses, the non-profit organization which helped me to do the volunteering project. 

As I like safety :

  • I choose a country that I have ever been to and which is close to my home country. I didn’t tell you before, I’m French. And the country was Spain. 
  • I knew a little bit of English and Spanish. Also I had the feeling that some Spanish people could somehow understand more or less French. 
  • I joined a group of volunteers from differents countries

Hehe so you see, I took some risks but it was really ok. I was not completely alone and lost in nature.

After this short adventure in Spain, I went on a roadtrip in New Zealand with my sister. This time, it was for 9 months with a working holiday visa. We passed quickly by Thailand and Indonesia before coming back home. I worked a few months in France and I couldn’t stop myself from going abroad again. Then Ireland was an opportunity to improve my English. Six months later, by luck I started a long term volunteering project in France. Guess which organization ? Of course Solidarites Jeunesses.

All this blabla above to say : Thanks to all those experiences I discovered so many ways to learn, so many ways to work, so many ways to think. It’s thanks to all the people I could meet I discovered new possibilities in my life.

To go deeper in this way I decided to do another long term volunteering project but this time out of France. 

New sphere : the plan is to discover more about the non-profit organizations area, to discover news methods to work, to be in an international atmosphere so it will push me to improve deeply my English, and know more about non formal education. I knew that Solidarites Jeunesses has partnerships all around the world with a similar philosophy. My choice ended for volunteering project in the offices of Inex Slovakia. The project is diversified, the country is in the middle of Europe where I’ve never been, the organization is really active in international projects, training and so on.

I let you discover more as we go along